DAY 1– Arrival to istanbul. Transfer to hotel and check in. Following a lunch break in the old town, you will visit the Hagia Sophia, 5th century church, once the greatest in all the world. The next stop is at the Blue Mosque renowned for it’s striking blue Iznik tiled interior. Afterwards, visit the ancient Roman Hippodrome back to hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.

DAY 2– After breakfast at hotel depart for Byzantine&Ottoman Relics Tour.Visit Imperial Palace of Topkapi, from which Ottoman Sultans ruled their grand empire for over 400 years..After visited Topkapi Palace Boat tour on the Bosphorus with wonderful view of Istanbul Boshphorus.. After that tour will continue to world’s most famous and largest Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar shopper’s paradise of over 4000 authentic shops. Back to hotel and overnight in Istanbul.

DAY 3After breakfast at hotel check out transfer to airport and flight to Izmir. 7 churches tour will be start with the ancient city of Agora and the Church of Symrna, was these condone of the seven Christian churches in Asia Minor to which St. John the Divine wrote (Revelation l-11). Once visited Symrna drive to we will drive Church of Pergamum. Upon arrival to the Pergamon antique city, visit to Aesculapium, the ancient medical center built in the name of Aeusculapis, the God of medicine. Tour will continue to Pergamum Acropolis, visit Athena and Trojan Temples – Temple of Zeus – Temple of Dionysus – Odeon – Library – Great Theatre – and Roman Bath .Overnight in Pergamum .(B,L,D)

DAY 4Early morning after breakfast depart to Church of Thyatira. After visited Thyatira drive to Church of Sardis, one of the most picturesque areas of these seven cities. It is here St. John expressed his concern for pushing further with the progress of the city’s faith. Then we drive toChurch of Philadephia , a favorite city of Paul and John. Once visited Philadephia drive to Pamukkale. Overnight in Pamukkale.(B,L,D)

DAY 5Afterbreakfast at hotel check out and tour will start with ancient city of Hierapolis and St. Philip’s Martyrium. Then have a tour of the spectacular natural site of Pamukkale. It’s hot thermal springs of calcium spill over the plateau’s edge creating dazzling white formations called Cotton Castles. Visit the ruins of Hierapolis which also was the home of Papias and Epicitus, early Christian writers and Philip the Evangelist. TheMartyrium of St. Philip, an octagonal chamber has recently been discovered. After visited Church of Laodicea drive to Kusadasi.Overnight in Kusadasi.(B,L,D)

DAY 6Afterbreakfast at hotel depart to Ephesus, . Visitto 7 SleepersCaves historic graves.Ancient city of Ephesus.The ancient Roman city which was one of the most important cultural centers of the ancient world.Ephesus ruins, Odeon, Celcus Library and the Theatre which is still in use today for concerts and has an amazing capacity of 25,000. walk the streets paved with marble which gives a hint to this city’s great wealth many years ago. After that climb to mountainroad with bus for visit the House of the Virgin Mary and join in the special celebration of the Mass. And also visit the Sirince wine village and Church of St. John theTheologian. Overnight in Kusadasi.(B,L,D)

DAY 7After breakfast check out and transfer to airport flight to Istanbul and flight toYour countries.


Alltranfers (airports to hotels-hotels to airports)

Professional ,Licenced Guide

Vehicle with a driver ( Mercedes )

Istanbul to Izmır / Izmir to Istanbul Airplane Tickets

Accommodation fees ( 3 or 4 stars hotels)


Museum entrance fees

Parking and Gasoline costs

( Suprise a few extras for guests )

Autobahn fees



Internatıonal airplane tickets


Personal Expenses



1 – 4 Persons : 1350 Euro ( Per Person )

5 – 8 Persons : 1050 Euro ( Per Person )

9 – 12 Persons : 950 Euro ( Per Person )

13 – 16 Persons : 900 Euro ( Per Person )

17 and More: 850 Euro ( P


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