About Us




He was born in Ankara , the capital city of Turkey in 1974.He has been living in İstanbul since 1988 with his wife and a 3 -year- old son.

He graduated from Ankara High School.When he moved to İstanbul, he had his first experience in a simple restaurant but later he is a talented person he tried to develop himself working in different places.He went to France and Italy on business to trained himself and learn different cuisines.And then he used to work in various restaurants as a manager for a short time.He used his experiences in different restaurants in İstanbul.

He used to work as an operation manager for a travel and tourism agency.He never prefers standard tours.So he always offered extra tour programs to the agency that he used to work.The tours that he managed started to take interests from many visitors.

He is also a musician. He plays ‘ud’ which is a kind of traditional Turkish instrument.He worked with famous singers for a while.

Today the reason why he decided to open an agency is to provide you enjoyable and extraordinary tours focusing all his own interests and talents with the worldwide known Turkish hospitality.

He says ” Our vision is to please our visitors and make them to visit our country again and have good feelings about us and never go back to their country. Your satisfaction is all what we want to see while saying you good bye..”.



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